Virtual Terminal Web Payments

An Ecommerce payment platform offers your customers a safe and secure credit and debit card payment through your website. Improves the customer experience & promotes usage of low cost online self-service satisfying the needs of both you & your customers. Web payments as well as IVR transactions increases your customer’s payment options so they are more likely to pay. We don’t store or process any information on your systems removing your company from the scope of PCI-DSS.


Cyprium Web Payments:

Web Payments as well as Automated Telephone Payments increases your customer’s options so they are more likely to pay on time with ease. We offer a fully integrated secure online payment facility which can be utilised with our other payment methods such as phone & mobile app solutions.

To accept online payments, you will need a Payment Gateway & Merchant Account. Cyprium partner with an independent Payment Gateway provider which is used by 70% of the payment industry which we consider to be the best platform in the UK. We also have the capability to work with all UK Acquirers and many within Europe. We are able to assist you with finding the most suitable Merchant Account for your business requirements.



The payment gateway platform offers the most advanced security features. This includes card security code known as CV2 checks, as well as Address Verification System checks (AVS) to strengthen the transaction & to verify the correct cardholder is using the card.  Includes 3D Secure to again strengthen the transactions security. Cyprium provide 3D Secure with every e-commerce merchant account using the Payment Gateway.



Cyprium provide all the standard Integration methods such as direct, hosted & can provide various plugins & integration guides to allow companies, developers or website designers to integrate with our payment gateway & ecommerce solutions.
Companies who take payments over the Internet often need to consolidate using other methods of payments such as phone payments. We offer a bespoke solution to meet your individual requirements ensuring both payment methods are addressed combining the Web and IVR Platform. Our intelligent platform integrates the two payment methods thus reducing the risk of duplicated transactions.


Transaction & Reporting:

The Merchant Management System is designed to provide real time transaction information generated from the Payment Gateway. Payment information can be made available to you in real time, by email, daily data feed or viewed using a powerful browser based online portal. This system allows you to view Call Logs, Payments, Failed Payments, Abandonment Report and Process Refunds.. We can also Integrate the reporting to update your accounts software in real-time.


Benefits of our Web Payment Systems:

  • Payment collections 24/7
  • Safe and secure credit and debit card payments
  • Gives customer the choice and convenience via Web & IVR to make single or regular payments
  • Deters the need for paper billing thus reducing office costs
  • Responsive web design to detect whether consumers are using a desktop computer or mobile device and routes them automatically to the appropriate (standard or mobile-optimized) website
  • Provides access to real-time, on-demand reporting, tracking and management via Payment Gateway portal
  • PCI-DSS compliant


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