Who are we

Cyprium Communications is a team of telecoms consultants & developers with skillsets including design & development of PCIDSS IVR Payment Solutions, Ecommerce Payment Solutions, VoIP, Incoming Call Solutions & similar associated services.

We specialise in inbound telecoms and hosted solutions however, we find our ability to provide low cost PCIDSS IVR Payment Solutions is our most popular product. We have developed solutions for SME’s & some of the larger payment providers who tend to only offer Ecommerce & Virtual Terminal or PDQ solutions.

Our cost effective IVR Payment Solutions coupled with our ability to provide more common payment services such as Virtual Terminal & Ecommerce, makes us an attractive company to deal with. We can integrate all these services & provide a one stop solution enabling customers muliple ways to make a payment.

Our team of highly skilled staff develop our services ourselves, in-house. We can create new and customised services quickly and do many things that many providers can’t. Our pricing is transparent, honest and we offer a very high level of reliability and support.

What we can help you with
IVR Payments

IVR Payment Systems

Wide range of fully automated cost
effective phone payment solutions.

Virtual Terminal

Agent Assisted Payments

Take payments over the phone and remove your company from the scope of PCIDSS

API Fone

Easy Pay Regular Payments

Allow customers to make regular payments
via any device

Virtual Terminal

Web Payments

Safe and secure low cost
online service.

Internet and Data

Internet & Data

Great value high speed reliable
business broadband packages.

Inbound Numbers

Inbound Numbers

A range of business phone numbers
to suit your brand


Inbound Solutions

Sophisticated incoming call
management solutions

Phone Systems and VOiP Cyprium Communications

Voip & Phone Systems

Range of standard PBX or
IP based systems (VoIP).

Agent Assisted Payments
Automated Telephone Payments
Easy Pay Regular Payments
Switching Providers

Contact us for a free no obligation quote,.
If you are unhappy with your current provider contact us for a rate review, better service or for a quick chat to discuss our products.