Virtual Terminal Agent Assisted Payments

Agent Assisted Payments by Cyprium enables customer service agents to process card payments on a live continuous call without the sensitive card details being stored on your systems, reducing time & money on becoming PCIDSS compliant.

What are Agent Assisted Payments

Agent Assisted Payments allows customers to enter their credit or debit card details without the DTMF tones or callers voice being heard or recorded by the customer service agent processing the payment. Provides companies with a secure way of handling payments by phone removing them from the scope of PCI DSS.
The customer and the agent remain in conversation throughout the entire process, but the sensitive card data is prevented from reaching the agent or the client’s systems.

How does it work


Your agents answer the call in the normal way & enter the callers details apart from the long card, expiry date & security number in to the web-based portal which can easily accessed through a desktop, tablet or mobile device.


At the point where the customer is required to enter the long card number, you transfer the caller to our PCIDSS secure platform by means of a pre-configured three digit transfer code.


The caller is prompted to enter their long card number, expiry date & security number. The agent cannot hear the DTMF digits of the card details being entered or the caller reciting the numbers, but the caller can still hear the agent if there are any issues & the agent can see the transaction being processed on screen.


The caller can speak to the agent at any time to deal with any problems. If necessary the agent can edit the call, change any details & the caller can try different cards ensuring the transaction can be completed in one call.


Once the caller has finished entering the card details, the system submits the information to the payment gateway. If the transaction is successful both the merchant & the caller receive confirmation & can continue their conversation or alternatively try another card while remaining on the same call.

Description of Services

We have three solutions for Agent Assisted Payments which is dependent on your current telecom’s infrastructure, number of sites or simply the preference of solution.

All versions of our Agent Assisted payment solutions, enable both the Caller & Agent to remain LIVE on the call at all times. We DON’T just transfer the Caller to an IVR to enter their card details. The Agent can speak to the Caller at any time if they have any problems. It take’s less than 30 seconds for the Caller to enter their card details on our system. 


Hosted Version
We configure your existing Hosted Handsets or IP Telephone System Handsets to enable your Customer Service Agents to transfer calls to our PCI compliant cloud-based payment platform. Only handsets which may be used to take a payment will need to be configured.
The advantages of this solution are we don’t need to install new telephony, nor do we need to transfer your calls & lines to us. You can remain with your current providers for all your telecoms services. Re-configuring your handsets does not cause any disruption to your current system.


Hosted Calls Version
If you don’t currently enjoy Hosted Telephony, we can also provide Agent Assisted Payments by either hosting your main number on our platform or alternatively we can supply a new Hosted, Standard IP phone system or Contact Centre solution from Cyprium & our partners.  Click here for Hosted Telephony

Cyprium provides wholesale payment solutions to many telecoms providers in the UK who are unable to provide IVR Payment Solutions.


Non-Geographic Numbers Version

Network based call management platform using non-geographic numbers to provide an incoming & outgoing Agent Assisted Payment solution. Negates the need for new telecoms equipment, changes to infrastructure or re-configuring your existing phone system so you can remain with your current providers. However, we will need to port your NGN to our platform or we can allocate a new number. The NGN sits on top of your current landlines or phone system & is available with additional routing features.

Place Caller on Hold
Menu Options
Call Queue, Music on hold, Queue Position
Call Divert
Voicemail to Email
PCI Call Recording
Call Centre Options & various other routing features.


Both the Hosted & NGN versions can be configured to your specific requirements if necessary & we can provide an API to configure your current application to prefill the customer form for accuracy & to save time.


Key Benefits

  • Continuous live conversation with customer when taking payments
  • DTMF tones & callers voice are silent when card details entered
  • Removes your company from the scope of PCIDSS
  • Cloud based product, so no onsite equipment or software is required
  • We don’t need to take control of your telecoms infrastructure so you can stay with your current providers
  • No storing or processing information on your systems.
  • Multiple agent’s logins
  • Non-payment calls don’t need to be routed through the payment platform
  • Real-time reporting
  • We can provide the Payment Gateway or integrate with your current supplier
  • Calls routed over Tier 1 platform
  • Committed level of availability in excess of 99.50%
  • Integration with all Payment Service providers
  • APIs to facilitate Pre-Fill of customer portal form, upload & validate customer information


Transactions and Reporting

The Merchant Management System is designed to provide real time transaction information generated from the Payment Gateway. Payment information can be made available to you in real time, by email, daily data feed or viewed using a powerful browser based online portal. This system allows you to view Call Logs, Payments, Failed Payments, Abandonment Report and Process Refunds.

Additional Features


Tokenization is the process of replacing sensitive card data with unique identification symbols that retain all the essential information about the data without compromising its security. Customers only need to register their card details once saving time on regular payments. No sensitive card details are stored.

Recurring Payments

Recurring payments are automatic payments to authorise and collect charges immediately. This amount is deducted on the due date of every billing cycle, such as weekly, fortnightly, monthly etc. Customer don’t have to worry about the late fees or failed payments as they do with a failed direct debit.

SFTP Integration

Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) ensures data is securely transferred using a private & safe data stream allowing you to upload & validate customer information to negate errors & save time.

API Integration

An application-programming interface (API) is a set of programming instructions and standards for accessing a Web-based software application or Web tool. Our platform is compatible with many different API’s or we can provide help or guidelines for a bespoke API if necessary.

Merchant Accounts

To accept automated phone payments, you will need a MOTO (mail order & telephone order ) Merchant Account. Cyprium is an independent Payment Gateway provider, so we have the capability to work with all UK Acquirers and many within Europe. We are able to assist you with finding the most suitable Merchant Account for your business requirements.

We won’t be beaten on price for a like for like solution.



We understand each customer has different requirements & budget. We cater for any size company who require a solution for non-card present transactions, whether they are processing a few hundred to many thousands of transactions per month.

We offer a committed level of availability of 99.9% & standard sla for companies on a budget to a fully redundant mirrored backup facility for larger companies on par with any of our competitors.


Entry level prices.

Monthly hosting fee from £195.00 & a transaction fee from 10p to 20p depending on volumes

Standard setup fee for ready-made service: £495
Additional development requirements: POA

Setup time within 1 week for standard application.

Hosted version: Calls from handsets to our payment platform have no additional charges & you remain with your current suppliers for phone system, lines & calls.

Incoming NGN call charges only: 030, 01/02 & 08 numbers – We will beat or match any customers existing tariffs. We can provide new or port existing numbers to our platform & provide additional features.

Our fees represent a fraction of the cost of becoming fully PCIDSS compliant in a call centre or any size office environment.

Call us today on 0330 333 8444 for help or advice or complete our online request form.

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