Calls and Lines Calls & Lines
Cyprium offer a full range of telecommunication services and highly competitive tariffs, ensuring your business has the right solution at the right price. We only provide the best networks to carry your calls thus ensuring you always benefit from the highest quality and competitive prices.


Call Tariffs:
The call tariffs we offer are dependent on your call spend. On receiving a bill we will simply offer you a reduction of your current call spend coupled with cheaper line rental.

  • Less than 1ppm for local & national calls
  • Less than 5ppm for mobile calls
  • All include billing per second


Line Descriptions:

  • Switching Providers – Switching is easy. Seamless transfers, Keep your existing numbers, Keep existing service. Savings of at least 20% on your monthly rental.
  • ANALOGUE (PSTN)Single lines that are primarily used for making voice calls, connecting to credit card machines, fax machines, alarms and  broadband.
  • MULTI-LINESOne number with more than one line. If one line is engaged the call will be delivered to next available line thus ensuring you don’t miss any calls.
  • ISDN2e (Integrated Services Digital Network) – A digital communications service that offers voice, data and faster access to the internet. Exceptionally clear, high-quality voice calls and larger data files and emails can be sent and received more quickly and securely.
  • ISDN30e – An advanced digital solution for larger offices which need to make or receive over 8 simultaneous calls , providing a high performance voice and data service for modern businesses.
  • Calling Features – Manage and organise your calls more efficiently. There is a large range of select services available which are nearly all the same as BT. Call Waiting, Call Minder, Ring Back, Call Diversion, Full list of options available.


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