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Cost-effective, affordable, flexible solutions to suite your situation


Cyprium offer a full range of telecommunication services at highly competitive tariffs, ensuring your business has the right solution at the right price.

While hosted and cloud phone systems are transforming the way we use business telephony, ISDN and analogue telephone lines continue to represent a suitable solution for many and there is still a need for traditional copper phone lines. We will be happy to provide a FREE no obligation quote and review of your telephone line & call packages to make sure you are making the most of what you have.

Cyprium can equip your office with a reliable and cost-effective phone service, with a range of line types, back-up options and excellent value call charges.

We have long relationships with a range of market-leading suppliers, including Openreach ensuring we can manage your line installations with minimum disruption.


Line Types:

We can provide various options for lines.

  • Single-line smart is your traditional PSTN line but with smart features, including welcome messages, menu options, call recording, routing and can be used as traditional single line for broadband
  • SIP Trunks are replacing ISDN and are provided over your internet connection called a VoIP service. SIP Trunks increase efficiency, resilience & provide bespoke Disaster Recovery & lower running costs. Improves flexibility and allows the use of new and existing numbers anywhere in the UK.



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