Internet and Data Connectivity
Great value high speed and consistently reliable business broadband with a range of packages designed to give your business the flexibility to grow.

Cyprium are a ‘multi-network provider’, which means we can deliver a solution that is based on our customers’ requirements, rather than the limitations of a single network offering. We have a data package to suit you regardless of your size or your business sector, whether it is leased lines or fibre connectivity.

If you decide later on that your business has grown to the point where you need more from us, Cyprium has the flexibility to provide you with an upgrade quickly, easily and without any disruption to your service.


Broadband Descriptions:

  • ADSL  – Business Broadband – We offer a wide choice of fast secure and reliable business broadband packages from various network suppliers.
  • SoGEA  – Business Broadband – SoGEA stands for Single Order Generic Ethernet Access. Up until now, to deliver broadband to a home or office you needed to have a traditional phone line installed. SoGEA broadband doesn’t run over a phone line; SoGEA is a dedicated line that delivers a broadband connection.
  • FTTC – Fibre to Cabinet – Enables small to medium size businesses to take advantage of high speed, high usage availability with guaranteed broadband connection.
  • FTTP – Fibre to Premises – Fibre connection to your premises & does not require a copper wire ensuring greater speeds
  • Leased Lines – Leased lines offer a dedicated and unrestricted internet connection permanently available for use with various applications for your exclusive use.
  • SIP Channels – SIP allows businesses to retain the advantages of their existing telecoms equipment, whilst gaining the additional functionality and benefits of IP telephony.


Benefits of our broadband services:

  • We can help you choose the perfect package for your business.
  • Typical Fibre Broadband speeds are up to 76Mb download and 19Mb upload.
  • Leased line bandwidth from 100Mb to 10Gb
  • Uncongested network ensures constant speeds & other users not slowing you down.
  • Fully-redundant network ensures any faults will not affect your service because your connection will be re-routed via a different exchange to keep your business online.



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