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Cyprium Communications Ltd is a UK company founded in 2009 to develop innovative Call Management services including IVR Payment Solutions & Automated Payment Systems. We provide a wide range of business services to address business issues, as well as reduce cost, increase revenue and improve the end customer experience.

Our background is providing SME’s with Call Management solutions which enables calls to be delivered in a virtual environment. This naturally progressed with offering IVR Payment Solutions which can also be delivered in a virtual environment thus offering a fully automated service with no staff intervention.

We also provide our customers with extremely competitive tariffs for Calls, Lines, Mobiles, Phone Systems & Broadband services. As consultants we have a wealth of experience in this area & can provide services from multiple sources & have developed long standing relationships with our partners.

Our IVR Payment Solutions & Automated Payment Systems are developed by our own in-house developers. This means that we can create new and customised services quickly and do many things that many other providers can’t.

We can provide ready-made or bespoke payment solutions.  The bespoke Payment Solutions we develop tend to have similar requirements to the majority of new requests so we can adapt these to meet your individual requirements. This enables new customers to benefit from this service without paying for expensive development charges & ongoing fees such is the norm with many providers.

To date we have delivered a wide range of IVR Payment Solutions & Automated Payment Systems for companies in various business sectors.

“We believe in providing cost effective sophisticated solutions. Our pricing is transparent, honest and we offer a very high level of reliability and support”.

There are regulatory requirements for companies who provide Automated Payment Solutions which we fully adhere to. This ensures our platform is secure & up to date. Based in the UK our IVR Payment Solutions & Automated Payment Systems are PCIDSS compliant.


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