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We provide high quality SIP Trunking & competitive call rates connecting your PBX directly into our carrier grade switch via a DSL or Ethernet IP connection which enables you to receive & terminate your voice calls over a public telephone network.

What are SIP Trunks?

SIP Trunks are replacing ISDN and are provided over your internet connection called a VoIP service. SIP Trunks increase efficiency, resilience & provide bespoke Disaster Recovery & lower running costs. Improves flexibility and allows the use of new and existing numbers anywhere in the UK.

SIP trunks connect to your new or existing phone system.

ISDN lines or SIP?
In 2025 BT will be switch off the ISDN network and stop providing ISDN as a new service from 2020.


  • Reduce monthly bills with lower connection fees, rental and call charges, with free site-to-site calls.
  • Promote local numbers with any UK area code, giving a sense of local presence to your customers.
  • Route calls to anywhere in the world with automatic re-routing when you need it
  • Very scalable enabling you to add additional call capacity as your business grows.
  • Cost effective solution so you only pay for what you need
  • Connect remote workers and multiple offices.

To take advantage of SIP trunking, you will require either an IP PBX with SIP interface or a PBX plus TDM/IP gateway. You’ll also need a broadband connection which we can supply if necessary. Contact us for more information or request a quote based on your specific requirements.

Plans & Pricing

SIP Trunking

No. of channels Connection fee Monthly rental
Max 8 £25.00 £30.00
10 £25.00 £50.00
15 £25.00 £60.00
20 £25.00 £70.00
30 £25.00 £90.00
31+ £POA £POA

Business SIP UK call rates

Rates below are pence per minute based on call volumes

Destination Setup price Daytime (7am-7pm) Evening (7pm-7am) Weekend (Fri 7pm – Mon 7am
UK Landline N/A 0.50p – 1p 0.50p – 1p 0.50p – 1p
T-mobile N/A 1.5p – 3.95p 1.5p – 3.95p 1.5p – 3.95p
O2 N/A 1.5p – 3.95p 1.5p – 3.95p 1.5p – 3.95p
Orange N/A 1.5p – 3.95p 1.5p – 3.95p 1.5p – 3.95p
Vodafone N/A 1.5p – 3.95p 1.5p – 3.95p 1.5p – 3.95p
3 N/A 1.5p – 3.95p 1.5p – 3.95p 1.5p – 3.95p

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