Phone Systems and VOiP Cyprium Communications Hosted Telephony (VoIP) for business

When it comes to voice communications, we know that there is not a one size fits all solution. To ensure that we provide our customers with a best-fit voice service, we offer a selection of solutions that span both traditional and hosted telephony.

We have long established relationships with many the top suppliers in the UK which enables us to offer a solution to meet your specific requirement.

Cyprium can advise you whether a Hosted Telephony (Voip) or Standard PBX system will benefit you more. Speak to one of our specialists for advice. The right solution depends on the individual requirements for each customer.

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Hosted Telephony (VoIP)

An alternative to standard phone systems & increasingly popular, VoIP can offer your business greater flexibility through additional features and significantly reduced costs.

VoIP is a great way to improve call quality and reduce call costs within your business. This page will explain what VoIP is, run you through the business benefits of investing in hosted telephony, inform you of the business features that it brings and the benefits from choosing Cyprium as your business VoIP provider.

What is VoIP Telephony

Simply put, VoIP telephony is phone service over your internet connection. This has multiple benefits including reduced costs and higher call quality. Your business costs are lower as you won’t be paying for a separate service from a local telephony company and as the service is transmitted over high-speed internet, calls with VoIP telephony will be clearer with far less audio loss.

What are the benefits of using VoIP Telephony?

  • Save money
  • Easy to set up
  • More than just voice
  • Conference calls
  • Multiple features
  • No geographical boundary
  • Increased productivity
  • Low-cost hardware and software

There are multiple benefits to using VoIP telephony within your business. The first and often the main reason for switching to VoIP is for the money saving benefits, unlike Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN), long distance calls become far more inexpensive on a VoIP line as the call is transferred over the internet and not through traditional phone lines.
VoIP telephony also has feature-based benefits like conference calling within your business and the ability to make video calls and transfer files and images while on calls.
VoIP is also simple to set up and therefore makes upgrading a fast and efficient process, it can even be integrated with an existing phone connection. All of these benefits of using hosted voice add up to make your business a more productive and successful place. At Cyprium we strive to provide VoIP Telephony that is innovative and simple-to-use for business of all sizes, we work with you through every step to ensure you are happy with your service.

Why get your Business VoIP Telephony service with us

Cyprium are an independent consultancy who work with the best suppliers & platforms in the UK. This enables us to offer you the right solution to meet your specific requirements but at a competitive price.

Our Hosted Voice over IP service is a state-of-the-art, flexible and user-friendly business telephony solution. Built to benefit your business with a complete VoIP service, from standard to advanced hosted VoIP telephony systems that feature a true IP communication solution with a lower cost of ownership, through centralised web management with available options such as true mobility and computer integration.
Hosted Telephony features are extensive, affordable and reliable.
We work hard to provide multiple VoIP services including; Call Logging, Call Recording, True Multi-site support and making sure the setup of your VoIP service is simple.

Cloud Telephony

In line with so many business applications and services – from email to CRM/ERP – telephony is moving to the cloud for maximum flexibility, resilience and cost benefits. Businesses that have already adopted cloud telephony are realising the benefits over conventional solutions, including:

  • Lower costs
  • Easier roll-out
  • Increased control
  • Automatic updates
  • Built-in business continuity
  • Scalable pay-as-you-grow model that provides the ultimate flexibility for businesses of all sizes

PCIDSS Payments & Call Recording

Cyprium can configure our hosted handsets to enable you to process Agent Assisted payments removing your company from the scope of PCIDSS. Click here for more information.

We can tailor solutions to meets your needs & remove any features you don’t require to save you money. All our solutions are flexible & can be added to at any time as you expend your business or need to take advantage of other features.

Selection of packages available

Basic £9.95 p/m

Hunt Groups
Auto attendant
Time of day routing
Follow Me


£11.95 p/m
with handset

Standard £12.95 p/m

Hunt Groups
Auto attendant
Time of day routing
Follow Me
Instant messaging
Unified voicemail
Mobile Integration

£14.95 p/m
with handset

Premium £15.95 p/m

Hunt Groups
Auto attendant
Time of day routing
Follow Me
Instant messaging
Unified voicemail
Mobile Integration
UC One

£17.95 p/m
with handset

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Inclusive Minutes:
5000 minutes (01/02/03 & UK Mobile). Competitive out of bundle minutes

Separate bundles & SIP
SIP £4.45 p/m,
Bundle SIP £6.45 p/m. 5000 minutes (01/02/03 & UK Mobile). Competitive out of bundle minutes

Handsets included:
Basic entry phones Polycom VVX-301 & Yealink T42G are available with the package as shown. Excludes power supply.

Terms & Conditions

Either bundle or PAYG only not both

  • Maximum of 10% call allowance to 03 numbers
  • Maximum of 50% calls to mobiles
  • 36-month terms with handsets
  • SIP bundles also available

For more information or advice on our hosted telephony options please contact us.