Inbound Numbers Inbound Numbers
Your business phone numbers are the key to opening doors with your customers & we we understand how important it is for you, not only to have a memorable number, but also a set of robust and intelligent services supporting it to ensure you can deliver a high quality service to your customers.

All of our numbers are non-geographic or hosted, meaning that you can direct calls to a target number wherever you are in the UK, even to a mobile or abroad. You can retain the same number, with no need to change if you move premises saving valuable resource and the cost of changing stationery and advertising!

Our call management solutions provide you with all the features and functionality you would expect as standard with an inbound telephony solution but without the expense of using on-site equipment.


Number Descriptions:

  • 0300 numbers give you a recognisable national number & calls cost no more than a national rate call to a local 01 or 02 number
  • 0800 numbers give you a national presence and show your customers you want to talk to them & are willing to pay for the call.
  • 01/02 local presence numbers offer the same call routing and reporting tools as other NGN’s but in your local area code to give you a local presence.
  • 08xx numbers offer fixed rate calls for your customers and you don’t pay for the call. Some prefix types can generate a revenue for you.
  • 0871 numbers offer your business another source of revenue whilst providing call routing and reporting tools to benefit your business & also used by technical departments to deter time wasters.
  • Switching Providers & move your existing 03, 01/02 or 08xx number to a new carrier, keeping the same number with a better service.
  • Call Management is a sophisticated incoming call management solution for individuals, start-ups and small to medium size businesses.




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