Inbound Solutions
Sophisticated incoming call management solutions coupled with non-geographic numbers for all types of businesses. Incoming calls are crucial to your business so you can’t afford to have calls unanswered, cut off or directed to the wrong person. Today’s consumers have very high expectations of customer service and want to be able to reach the right person with the minimum of delay.


Cyprium Incoming Call Management Solutions:

Call Management solutions used with non-geographic numbers can help you efficiently and cost effectively manage all your incoming calls with features including call divert, adding a welcome message, virtual receptionist and call queuing to ensure that the calls are routed to the right person or department every single time. Our solutions are set up and managed online so you won’t need to install or manage any expensive hardware or software. Put “control” back into your business!

We can incorporate standard IVR services to work in conjunction with our payment platform. For example, we can setup menu options & a call queue facility which is activated before the call connects to our payment platform. The caller chooses the relevant menu option depending on which service they are calling about. They are then placed in a queue until the agent is ready to take the call. If necessary the caller can pay a deposit or setup a token payment so after the call is completed the system will debit their account. This is particularly useful for technical support enquires or similar services whereby you wish to take a payment only after you know the call duration.



  • Call Hunt Group – Set your number to try multiple locations (i.e. office, then mobile, then home)
  • Virtual Switchboard – For organisations with various departments or offices. Callers can choose an option and get straight through the right place
  • Time of day Transfer – Time & Day transfer. Each day can have separate start and finish times (e.g. Mon-Fri – 9am-5pm / Sat-Sun 10am-4pm)
  • Call Queue – Call Queue service allows you to queue your callers without any expensive in-house equipment
  • Mid Call Transfer – This feature frees up your phone lines and allows you to transfer a call between offices or departments
  • Ratio Distribution – Allows you to distribute call volumes based on percentage splits. For example, 25% of calls to one location & 75% to another based on staffing levels.
  • CLI Routing – Route a call based on a caller’s CLI (telephone number) or telephone keypad input, use default or customised audio to collect digits using telephone keypad, configure the match type based on either most matching digits or exact.
  • Voicemail2email – Replace default greeting with customised audio, choose to receive the voicemail message in MP3, WMA or WAV format, via email (with customised settings for subject, body from) or collected via telephone service (or both).
  • Audio Manager Audio files  can be uploaded to the platform in to the Audio Manager. Incoming callers are greeted by an announcement, or offered an auto-attendant service, allowing  a list of menu options. Announcement to inform of business hours or to provide an alternative contact or voicemail service when the office is closed. Marketing messages & music can be played to inform a customer of your products & services which is a lot better than being left in silence or just listening to the radio.
  • Bespoke Development – We can design & developer custom IVR applications across many different mediums, from fixed line, mobile, SMS or Web to meet your specific requirements. We can also build applications that converge with online portals which include some sort of payment method, either credit card,  SMS or other payment vehicles.


Benefits of a hosted IVR setup:

  • Cheap setup & monthly cost.
  • No expensive hardware or software infrastructure such as an in-house IVR system
  • A bespoke solution, configured to your individual requirements
  • Promote a professional image of your company
  • Increased productivity and profitability
  • No restricted business hours – lines are open 24/7




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