IVR Payments Call Centre Card Payment Solutions
Cyprium provide a range of payment solutions for call centres that enables your staff to take payments by telephone with or without staff intervention. Using an automated telephone payment service ensures call centre credit card processing is made easy and costs are reduced.

PCI DSS. We provide this payment facility on our own PCIDSS Compliant platform which means you don’t store or process any information on your systems negating the need for you to spend time and money on becoming PCI compliant.

PCI DSS Call Centre Payment Solutions:

For companies wishing to reduce the number of calls to their call centre, Cyprium supply a fully automated telephone payment service. This is available 24/7, 365 days per year, and can be configured to integrate with your back office system for things like balance lookups and to update any payments received. This enables credit card processing at call centres with no or limited staff intervention removing your company from the scope of PCIDSS compliancy. This service is typically used by organisations such as housing associations, debt management or any company who has a requirement for automated consumer collections.

We have various models available such as mid call transfer. For example, calls originate from your contact centre and once the customer service agent arrives at a point where a payment is to be taken, the call is then transferred through to the Cyprium platform and processed. Alternatively we can take the agent out of the process completely but with an option for the caller to contact the customer service agent if there is a problem such as payment declined.


PCI DSS Virtual Terminal:

This facility allows you to process mail order & phone payments as long as you have an Internet Connection & Computer. Card details are entered in to the Cyprium Virtual Terminal or your own in-house system.


How Virtual Terminal works:

Standard option which allows you to process card payments by simply adding the card details to the Virtual Terminal or in to your own in-house system. This requires the user to be PCIDSS Compliant.

PCI DSS Advanced option allows you enter the card details as normal apart from the long card number. The merchant submits the information to the platform, places the card holder on hold and transfers to the automated telephone payment system. The system will then request the card holder to provide just the long card number and will then submit the payment for authorisation. The system is fully PCI compliant because the long card number is taken out of the process removing your call centre from the scope of PCIDSS.

This is very similar to the Automated Telephone Payment mid call transfer facility but the agent enters the majority of the information instead of the card holder.

Additionally our system captures all the details using Token technology which takes a credit card number, and replaces the 16 digit card number with a custom token. This means future payment can be made without the need to enter full card details & in turn no requirement to transfer the call.


Benefits of our Call Centre Payment Solutions:

  • Payment collections 24/7
  • Fully automated with no staff intervention
  • No card data stored
  • No expensive PCIDSS compliancy issues
  • Simple to set up with no on site equipment, software or maintenance.
  • A fixed cost per transaction meaning no wage bills or staff issues
  • Multiple payments can be processed simultaneously
  • All reports automatically delivered by email or available online
  • Transaction confirmation number is played back to the customer
  • Fully customisable payment amounts



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