Put simply our transaction rates & our developments costs to our partners are more competitive than our main rivals.

Why Partner with Cyprium Communications?

Cyprium offer extremely competitive reseller or dealer rates. Our margins are reduced but we give our partners the tools to win business because at the end of the day if you cannot pass on great rates to your customers then we are less likely to receive business from you.

We believe in providing cost effective but sophisticated solutions. Our pricing is transparent, honest and we offer a very high level of reliability and support.

We’re a technology company and we develop our services ourselves, in-house. This means that we can create new and customised services quickly and do many things that other providers can’t.

Our payment gateway platform is PCIDSS level 1. We host our own equipment in a PCIDSS compliant datacentre. We don’t use any third parties to deliver our solution so we can offer truly wholesale rates to our partners which is why the rates are so competitive.

We are currently developing various payment products for the market place & this includes mobile applications to make sure we can offer the latest in payment technology.

If you require further information or advice please contact our sales team on 0330 333 8444.