Inbound Solutions
Sophisticated incoming call management solutions coupled with non-geographic numbers for all types of businesses. Incoming calls are crucial to your business so you can’t afford to have calls unanswered, cut off or directed to the wrong person. Today’s consumers have very high expectations of customer service and want to be able to reach the right person with the minimum of delay.


Incoming Call Management Solutions:

Call Management solutions used with non-geographic numbers can help you efficiently and cost effectively manage all your incoming calls with features including call divert, adding a welcome message, virtual receptionist and call queuing to ensure that the calls are routed to the right person or department every single time. Our solutions are set up and managed online so you won’t need to install or manage any expensive hardware or software. Put “control” back into your business!

We can incorporate standard IVR services to work in conjunction with our payment platform. For example, we can setup menu options & a call queue facility which is activated before the call connects to our payment platform. The caller chooses the relevant menu option depending on which service they are calling about. They are then placed in a queue until the agent is ready to take the call. If necessary the caller can pay a deposit or setup a token payment so after the call is completed the system will debit their account. This is particularly useful for technical support enquires or similar services whereby you wish to take a payment only after you know the call duration.


Services Provided:

    • Inbound Numbers –  All of our numbers are non-geographic, meaning that you can direct calls to a target number wherever you are in the UK, even to a mobile or abroad.
    • Call Management – Inbound Portal provides you with all the features and functionality you would expect as standard with an inbound telephony solution.




  • Cheap setup & monthly cost.
  • No expensive hardware or software infrastructure such as an in-house IVR system
  • A bespoke solution, configured to your individual requirements
  • Promote a professional image of your company
  • Increased productivity and profitability
  • No restricted business hours – lines are open 24/7




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