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Cyprium provide a range of payment solutions for call centres that enables your staff to take payments by telephone with or without staff intervention. Using an automated telephone payment service ensures call centre credit card processing is made easy and costs are reduced.

PCI DSS. We provide this payment facility on our own PCIDSS Compliant platform which means you don’t store or process any information on your systems negating the need for you to spend time and money on becoming PCI compliant.


Agent Assisted Payments:

Agent Assisted Payments by Cyprium is designed for companies who need to take payments over the phone but who don’t wish to spend time & money becoming PCIDSS compliant & removes your company from the scope of PCIDSS.

Various options available for the incoming number. Caller can dial a non-geographic number such as a 03 or 01/02 local presence number which we will allocate to you or port your current ngn to our platform or alternatively we can transfer your current main number to our call management platform.

You answer the call in the normal way & enter the callers details apart from the long card number in to the Agent Assisted Payments Portal. At the point where you need to enter the long card number, you transfer the caller to our PCIDSS secure platform by means of a preconfigured speed dial option on our platform not yours. The caller is requested to enter the long card number & played payment amount. The agent cannot hear the DTMF digits of the card number being entered but the caller can still hear the agent if there are any issues & the agent can see the transaction being processed on screen.

Once the caller has finished entering the long card number, the agent & caller are reconnected. If necessary the agent can break out of the transaction at any time to deal with any problems.

The system submits the information to the payment gateway & advises both the merchant & the caller if the transaction is successful.


Our solution is the most cost-effective solution currently on the market. We can also include the additional features as part of the payment process.

    • Menu Options – Press one to make a payment, press two for sales etc etc
    • Call Queue – Music on hold, marketing messages, you are number 2 in the queue, please hold
    • Call Record – On Demand or All Calls. PCIDSS compliant because the card number cannot be heard


For a list of all other call routing features please see our call management page.


Standard Hosted Virtual Terminal:

The Virtual Terminal is designed to be used with ease when taking Mail Order or Telephone Order (MOTO) payments. Our secure Virtual Terminal will allow the merchant user to process credit and debit card payments, as well as view or refund transactions in real-time.

The Virtual Terminal merchant is able to operate the system under certain permissions, giving an ideal solution for call centers, sales personal, and larger organisations who wish to restrict the ability to view transaction information or process refunds. It is a web based portal and can be easily accessed through a desktop, tablet or mobile device or integrated in to your own back office systems. 

The negative side to a hosted Virtual Terminal is you need to make sure your are Fully PCIDSS compliant & have put in the necessary safeguards to protect the card data being passed to your staff. Failure to do this & non-compliance will result in large fines & the removal of your MID account.


PCI DSS Virtual Terminal:

The PCI DSS Virtual Terminal is designed for companies who don’t wish to spend time & money becoming PCI DSS compliant & removes your company from the scope of PCI DSS.
You the merchant enter the card details in to the virtual terminal as normal apart from the long card number. At the point where the long card number is required, the merchant submits the information to the platform, places the card holder on hold and transfers to the automated telephone payment platform. The system will then request the card holder to provide just the long card number and will then submit the payment for authorisation. The transaction process is shown on screen to view & updates accordingly & advises both the merchant (on screen) & the caller (over the phone) if the transaction is successful.

  • The Advance Virtual Terminal is very similar to our Agent Assisted Payments solution however, the main difference is the merchant & the caller are not in a live one to one conversation when the long card number is entered.
  • Cheaper than our Agent Assisted Payment Product
  • Perfect for companies with lower payment transactions
  • Can be used by any size company regardless of their telephone infrastructure or telecom contract status & is a simple way to remove your company from the scope of PCIDSS.

Additionally our system can capture all the details using token technology which takes a credit card number, and replaces the 16 digit card number with a custom token. This means future payment can be made without the need to enter full card details & in turn no requirement to transfer the call.


Benefits of our Call Centre Payment Solutions:

  • Removes your company from the scope of PCIDSS
  • Continuous conversation with customer when taking payments
  • Payment Gateway Level 1 PCIDSS Compliant v3.2
  • Calls routed over Tier 1 platform
  • Payment platform SLA level of 99.999% uptime
  • Cloud based product, so no onsite equipment or software is required
  • No storing or processing information on your systems
  • Multiple agent’s logins
  • Non-payment calls don’t need to be routed through the payment platform
  • Real-time reporting
  • Integration with Payment Service providers



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