IVR Payments Automated Telephone Payments
Automated Telephone Payments are an easy way for your customers to make payment while drastically reducing your customer support expenses. Our cost effective but sophisticated payment platform allows customers to make credit and debit card payments over the phone at any time of the day, 365 days a year.

PCIDSS. We provide this payment facility on our own PCIDSS Compliant platform which means you don’t store or process any information on your systems negating the need for you to spend time and money on becoming PCI compliant.


Cyprium Automated Telephone Payments:

With Automated Telephone Payments (ATP), your customers hear a series of interactive voice prompts and are guided through the system to make a payment. Cyprium will provide assistance and guidance as to what prompt recordings are required. We work with you in the design process to ensure your IVR automated telephone payment solution meets all your specific requirements.

Our customers tend to request one of the following popular solutions:


  • A payment solution which will simply request the caller to enter a reference number, payment amount & card details. The reference number, flat/house number, numbers of postcode can viewed on the MMS reporting portal to confirm who has paid.


  • An advanced payment solution for customers making a regular payment will allow them to setup an account number & generate a PIN. This allows them to make a quick payment without entering the long card number, pay quickly by registered card details or another card for a one off payment or update registered card & PIN number. This is a module in our Easy Pay Regular Payment solution & can be used as a standalone product.


To accept automated phone payments, you will need a  MOTO (mail order & telephone order ) Merchant Account. Cyprium is an independent Payment Gateway provider, so we have the capability to work with all UK Acquirers and many within Europe.  We are able to assist you with finding the most suitable Merchant Account for your business requirements. 


Transactions & Reporting:
The automated telephone payment system can be configured to Integrate with your back end office systems to look up account numbers, overdue payments and validate account numbers before accepting card payments from your customers. We can also Integrate the reporting to update your accounts software in real-time or alternatively you can view using the Merchant Management System.

The Merchant Management System is designed to provide real time transaction information generated from the Payment Gateway. Payment information can be made available to you in real time, by email, daily data feed or viewed using a powerful browser based online portal. This system allows you to view Call Logs, Payments, Failed Payments, Abandonment Report and Process Refunds.


Benefits of Automated Telephone Payments:

  • Payment collections 24/7
  • Fully automated with no staff intervention
  • Remove your company from the scope of PCIDSS
  • Token facility allowing quicker regular payments
  • A fixed cost per transaction meaning no wage bills or staff issues
  • Multiple payments can be processed simultaneously
  • All reports automatically delivered by email or available online
  • Transaction confirmation number is played back to the customer
  • Fully customisable payment amounts


Prices: Entry Level.

  • Monthly Service Charge £50
  • Transaction fee 20p-50p depending on volumes. High users can receive further discounts
  • We won’t be beaten on price for a like for like solution


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