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Cyprium provide a wide range of phone payment solutions satisfying the needs of customers who prefer to pay by phone while reducing customer support expenses. We specialise in this area compared to many payment providers who tend to only offer only virtual terminal or website solutions. We provide this payment facility on a PCI DSS Level 1 Payment Gateway which means our platform is fully secure.  You don’t store or process any information on your systems removing your company from the scope of PCI DSS saving you time and money.

Our phone payment solutions can be built to meet your specific requirements or alternatively we have ready-made solutions which can be adapted to meet your needs. This enables new customers to benefit from this service without paying for expensive development charges & ongoing fees such is the norm with many providers.


Services Provided:

  • Automated Telephone Payments (ATP) – Combining standard IVR technology with intelligent programming, our services guide consumers quickly and easily through the payment process, incorporating all the details you require.
  • PCI DSS Call Centre Card Payment Solutions – Calls originate from your contact centre. Once the agent arrives at a point where a payment is to be taken the call is then transferred through to the ATP platform and processed
  • Virtual Terminal (PCIDSS) ­- Designed for our customers to use with ease when taking Mail Order or Telephone Order (MOTO) payments. Our secure Virtual Terminal range of products will allow the merchant user to process credit and debit card payments, as well as refund transactions – all in real-time.
  • Easy Pay Regular Payments3 Simple ways of making a payment. Phone, online or mobile app.



  • Automated Telephone Payments allow collections 24/7
  • Fully automated with no staff intervention
  • Remove your company from the scope of PCIDSS compliancy saving time & money
  • A fixed cost per transaction meaning no wage bills or staff issues
  • Multiple payments can be processed simultaneously
  • All reports automatically delivered by email or available online
  • Transaction confirmation number is played back to the customer
  • Fully customisable payment amounts


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